DIF Michoacan Conducts Training for Community Health and Wellbeing Program

DIF Michoacan Conducts Training for Community Health and Wellbeing Program

Morelia, Michoacan April 7, 2022. – With the aim of promoting social development and meeting the basic needs of the communities within the state, the Michoacan Integrated Family Development System, through the Concern for Families in Weak State and Municipal Liaison (AFEVEM) team, held a Training Meeting of the Community Health and Welfare Program (PSBC), addressed to 19 heads, managers and directors of Municipal DIFs.

The Director General of the State Agency, Paula Edith Espinosa Barrientos, highlighted the importance of providing training to DIF mayors, so that they know the objectives of the programs and their application and, in this sense, contribute to community strengthening, care, participation and overall development of people in their communities.

He noted that for the current administration, headed by Governor Alfredo Ramirez Pedulla, working for the welfare of the community and rebuilding the social fabric is a priority, which is why PSBC mainly targets highly marginalized and very high-margin municipalities. Through it, it seeks to implement community, social and productive projects, which have a direct impact on improving the quality of life of the population.

During the event, the work of the San Jose Nuevo Community Development Group was recognized for promoting community development and strengthening the social determinants of health in fiscal year 2021. Notably, she was Beatriz Cortes Segura, one in charge of receiving the recognition.

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