PlayStation 5: Console review with these settings comes to light

PlayStation 5: Console review with these settings comes to light

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PlayStation 5 It debuted at the end of 2020 with good results for Sony, as a console It has already sold over 7 million units and surpassed the initial PS4 record. However, the company faced a shortage of components and was unable to meet the high demand for its system in all regions.

As a possible solution, Sony considered The idea of ​​changing the components of the console. In fact, there has been talk for months A possible internal redesign of the PlayStation 5. Some recent evidence indicates that the company Already working on a different model of the new generation system.

The reports seem to be true, as some documents today revealed that a new model of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is already on its way and will arrive with several changes that you will undoubtedly notice more than one player.

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What changes will the PlayStation 5 Digital review bring?

According to the details, information about the new digital version of PlayStation 5 has been found in User’s guide on PlayStation Japan. There they talk about the CFI-1100B01 model, which is aimed at the Japanese audience at the moment.

The manual details all of the controller’s specifications and there is one fact that stands out: the weight of the system. Judging by the numbers, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition review will be a little lower compared to its original model.

The digital console debuted with a weight of 3.9 kg, while the revision will weigh 3.6 kg, which is only 300 grams less. On the other hand, it is indicated that the base of the system will now use a different screw so that it is easier to insert and remove manually, without the need for a screwdriver.

The documents do not reveal another change to the console, as the rest of the data is identical to the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition prototype. playstation world Ensures that some Japanese retailers already have a release date for this review.

If the information is accurate, the lighter digital version of the PlayStation 5 will go on sale in the Asian country from today; However, no system drives have been released at this time. This model is expected to be distributed worldwide in the coming months.

We’ll have to wait for Sony to officially talk about this review and detail each of its settings. You will also need to clarify if this model will be released in other regions and if you plan to perform a similar review of the PlayStation 5 with a disc drive.

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