“Plaza Ciencia”: “Eco Silla” Technology Project No. 11, Big Winner

“Plaza Ciencia”: “Eco Silla” Technology Project No. 11, Big Winner

For six days, Plaza General San Martín, in San Giusto, became the venue for the eleventh edition of “Plaza Ciencia”, the municipal fair dedicated to science, technology and innovation. Every day, students of technical schools in Matanzas presented their innovative projects and once again demonstrated the great potential of young people and the enthusiasm they bring when developing prototypes that not only entertain, but also improve people’s quality of life.

At the closing ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, Alicia Helguera and Jose Paes, directors of Technical School No. 6, highlighted the possibility of interoperability between different educational institutions. We want to express the voice of all private educational institutions in the manner of special education and the techniques of the entire La Matanza party. The interconnection between our schools was and remains more than just an exchange of data to implement various proposals; Perhaps it has to do with the plurality of institutional forms of life and the possibility of transforming one existence into another,” Helguera emphasized.

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