Japan and the United States hold joint exercises after North Korean missile launch

Japan and the United States hold joint exercises after North Korean missile launch

military aircraft Japanese and American Conducted a joint exercise Tuesday in response to the launch of a North Korean ballistic missileJapanese authorities reported.

The Japanese Joint Chiefs of Staff said that eight Japanese fighter planes and four American planes participated in the exercises in the airspace west of the Kyushu region.

“As the surrounding security environment Japan It becomes more and more complex, including launching a ballistic missile before North Korea A statement from the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “The SDF and the US Army conducted a joint exercise after flying over Japan.

It added that the forces “confirmed their readiness and demonstrated, at home and abroad, the firm determination of Japan and the United States to face any situation.”

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The announcement came shortly after Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida held talks with the commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, Admiral John Aquilino.

“We are taking quick measures,” Kishida told reporters, noting that Tokyo and Washington “decided to conduct a joint exercise,” without adding details.

Kishida indicated that he will hold phone talks with US President Joe Biden “to confirm the strong coordination between the leaders of Japan and the United States.”

This is the first time that a North Korean missile has been launched at Japan in five years. This triggered an emergency alert system that warned residents of various regions of Japan not to seek refuge.

The missile fell into the sea without causing any casualties or damage.

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