“Polo” Gallardo offers to stop immigration to the United States in the Potosino Heights – local news, police, about Mexico and the world | Sun San Luis


On his tireless campaign tour through Potosino Altiplano, “Together we will make history”, José Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, coalition candidate, declared an alliance between women and men to end 90 years of corruption, injustice and institutional indifference to the countryside and to the migration of young people from that region to the neighboring country in the North.

In Charcas municipality, “Polo” Gallardo led a march through the town hall with women and youth who raised the need for medical care and internet access. There, along with the residents of Charcot, he committed to building a primary care clinic for patients and free internet distribution at the town hall, as well as economical pensions for elderly and single mothers.

Subsequently, in Station Catorce, the Governor Candidate for Green Ecology of Mexico (PVEM) and Labor (PT) opened the contact board for all and all coalition candidates “Together We Will Make History”, in that region of the state.

There, “Pollo” Gallardo said that the PRI government is the great emulator, imposing rule, but not ruling, and its ambition is, for the past 90 years, it has been responsible for plunging Potosinos into marginalization and oblivion. “If there is Potosynos in the capital who are seriously deficient, I don’t want to think how badly they are going through here in Altiplano, I have come to support them,” he said.

Later, “Pollo” Gallardo took his electoral machine to the municipality of Villa de Guadalupe, where he led a bid for equality and democracy in Altiplano, along with the leaders of the region, peasants and rural producers who demand real support for agriculture. Thus reducing the permanent migration of teenagers to the United States.

“We want our children here, with their parents until the day they die, and to inherit from us not only their sorrows, but also a sweet and fertile ground for them and their children,” said Benito Martinez, a farmer and co-host of the show.

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