The United States will do “whatever is necessary” to defend itself against Iran

Ministry of Defense United State He warned that it would do “what is necessary” to respond to the attacks before Iran in Iraq. Photo: Reuters.

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense United StateHe warned that his country would do “everything necessary” to defend itself against its missile attacks Iran It was launched against US military bases in Iraq, increasing tensions in the area devastated by the armed movements.

  • The official gave an interview to the program this week From ABC News
  • United State It investigates the March 3 attack on the Ain al-Asad military base
  • This camp is located in the middle of the desert in western Iraq.

Not responsible who United State He suffered, but a contractor of this nationality had a heart attack while going for asylum and died shortly after, according to the Pentagon. Lloyd Austin stated that Iraq is urgently required to act and investigate the role Iran In those high-powered missile attacks.

Peace seems far away

During the interview, Lloyd Austin commented that the attack in Ain al-Assad was the fourth in recent weeks against places where military forces are operating. United State.

The message for those who carry out such an attack is that they should expect us to do what is necessary to defend ourselves. We will attack if that is what we think we must do at the time and place that we choose. “

The attack came five days later United State In retaliation for previous attacks, by bombing a border warehouse in Syria, which, according to the Pentagon, was used by armed Iraqi militias supported by Iran It was previously linked to missile attacks, as well as against diplomatic missions

Observers say that the missiles may be a way for Tehran to pressure Washington, which since President Joe Biden came to power has offered to reactivate the nuclear deal with Iran. IranDonald Trump abandoned it in 2018.

They are looking for responsible people

Democratic President Joe Biden also said so United State He works to identify those responsible, and that “will make a judgment from that point”. Lloyd Austin has also been questioned about whether Iran He was informed that the response fell short of escalation. The head of the Ministry of Defense confirmed:

“I think that Iran Fully capable of assessing (…) the attack and our activities, and they will draw their own conclusions […] But what they have to take away from this, again, is that we will defend our forces and our response will be thoughtful and appropriate. We hope they will choose to do the right thing. “

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