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Life balance, health, mental well-being, exercise, nutrition, rest and other elements that shape people’s well-being have become relevant during the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Namely, the health emergency reminded the whole of society that “health is not everything, but without it, everything else is nothing”, as the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer points out.

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Everything seems to indicate that, in the near future, health will continue to play a fundamental role in people’s lives, as well as in economic activity and community dynamics, so that improving health continues to be of great importance. Relevance.

About Adalberto Maldonado, CEO of BMSA Group, a company that specializes in people’s health and well-being, is also developing the way to generate and maintain health, “Health is now participatory: people must be involved and decide what health they want to have.”

In addition, it considers that health is also systemic and social, that is, “environment, business and the family – the two main environments in the life of a productive organism – are determinants in the healthy ecosystem of each individual and influence the superlative way in their condition and level of well-being.”

According to the Nobel Prize in American economics Theodore William Schultz (1902-1998) in 1979, good health reduces productivity losses caused by diseases of workers (active and potential), hence the importance of investing in human capital for economic growth.

In the same way, the World Health Organization ensures that the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of emotions and diseases, is a three-dimensional variable, namely, body, mind and spirit; Its improvement and balance allow a person to reach and maintain their full potential.

Therefore, Alberto Maldonado highlights the work done in BMSA Group, whose mission is to “promote the development of people by improving their health: for more than 14 years, we have been implementing, through health programs and services within companies, and now also within Mexican homes, to serve the country’s productive population, not only for the benefit of the people, but also for the benefit of public and private sectors”.

Among the services offered BMSA Group There the detection and control of chronic degenerative diseases; Entry and anti-doping tests, health filters and covid-19 tests (in business and at home), biometric health circuits, stress management programs, vaccination campaigns, social responsibility campaigns, mobile medical units, among others.

Finally, the manager remembers that health plays a fundamental role in the company’s productivity and competitiveness; “Multiple studies have demonstrated the relationship between workforce health and productivity, so that implementation of workplace health programs can mean an important benefit to business entities.”

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