Proper Names – Health Editions

Proper Names – Health Editions

At Salut i Força, we pride ourselves on having the most appropriate names. Precisely, during these last days, the outstanding quality of the collaborators who give us the honor of contributing their talents and knowledge to this health propagation project has become apparent once again. Such is the case of Dr. Jaume Orfila, eminent internal medicine physician and unit head in this specialty at Son Espases University Hospital, who was recently awarded by the health media “El Suplemento” in the context of the sixth edition of the 21st Century Medicine Awards.

In addition to being a great friend of this company and an excellent professional, Dr. Urvila has been a scientific advisor to Salut i Força, practically since the inception of this specialized information proposition in the field of healthcare and hospitals. In this sense, he is one of the “privileged” members, if we use that unmistakably collegiate expression, of the great family that Joan Calafate has always longed for us that began to shape it more than two decades ago.

We can never be grateful enough to Dr. Orfila for the support he has provided Salut i Força all these years. In addition to the writing collaborations we publish in our bi-monthly journal to enrich the content of our science-centric article, Dr. Orvilla never had a ‘no’ to any request we sent him. For this reason, you can already imagine the pride that the entire Salut i Força family felt when thinking of Doctor Jaume Orfila at the Siglo XXI Prize Exhibition for Medicine, in Madrid, gathering his excellence and addressing his learned words to the audience. In a certain way, we feel that we are part of this award, because its recipient is already an integral part of the past, the present and, of course, the future of Salut i Força.

The other name we want to refer to is that of Dr. Margalida Gili, Professor of Social Psychology at the University of the Balearic Islands and current Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Geli was the guest star on the program Salut i Força that was broadcast on March 8, coinciding with International Women’s Day. And her selection as a special guest speaker on this Memorial Day was not at all accidental, because in a date dedicated to the demand for true equality between women and men, the example of empowerment that Dr. Gilley exemplifies is, to say the least, significant. With undergraduate medicine studies so perfectly integrated in the Balearic Islands, it is only fair to look back and acknowledge how much the indispensable contribution of this eminent educator and scholar was worth when it came to turning into a legitimate reality that at the time seemed little less than illusory.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Geli was the first dean of the Faculty of Medicine, and later, as deputy dean, formed a successful tandem with her successor in the office, Dr. Mikel Roca. Both have fought without quarter that young Balearic men who aspire to the noble profession of medicine should not have to seek accommodation in universities on the peninsula or abroad, unless this is their expectation and the resources of their families permit. Today, there is a complete consensus in the islands about the success of incorporating medicine studies into UIB’s academic offering.

Not so long ago, however, this confluence of favorable opinions was not such, and in this complex situation Dr. Jelly has been able to take the first steps to embody a formidable work which the people of the Balearic Islands will always owe her deepest esteem. . the doctors Margalida jelly And Jaume OrfilaMany thanks on behalf of the citizens of this great little country.

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