Can the performance of doctors and nurses be measured?

Can the performance of doctors and nurses be measured?

Health managers assume the complexity of determining, in quantitative terms, What makes a “good” medical or nursing professional. Is it the number of patients you see? The complexity of the help? Or the time you should allocate to intervene? “These are procedures for which subjectivity or inaccuracy can be tolerated,” the sources they consulted acknowledge medical writingThat confirms, however, the possibility of extracting and comparing reliable data and indicators of worker performance. of between it , Clinical resultsthe care effectiveness and the patient experience.

John Guajardosecond vice-president of the Spanish Association of Health Directors (Sedisa), points out in this sense that services tend to measure the activity of care itself, an indicator that “may be more or less effective” and which puts the focus not only on what happened ‘convenient’ but also ‘effective’. Barrualde-Galdakao, Managing Director of the Organization for Integrated Health (OSI), also adds that this may be the basis for a “common language” to determine the performance of a doctor or nurse.

But he stresses that the function of the toilet does not lie only in his work “productivity”. It should be noted that this activity is best to solve the problem the health of a particular patient,” asserts the director, who gives an example of the case of a surgeon who works too often and too well but not with proper reference.

Added to all this “imagine the patient” fall increasingly At the Care Activity Center. In Guajardo’s words, “We must continue to work on this concept” to prevent the user from feeling “dissatisfied” either in the treatment or in the information or care they receive. “At Galdakao OSI, we are trying to collect all this information to get a new variable to measure,” he highlights.

Difficulty measuring professional performance

Guajardo stresses that there are places where it is “easier” to measure a health measure. In the operating room, for example, the duration of its use and the number of interventions can be determined. However, he confirms it It is not easy to identify these indicators on an individual scale.

A point of view to share with her Mercedes Ferovice president of the National Association of Nurse Administrators (ANDE), who posits that this kind of measurement “might end up being inaccurate’, especially in trades with characteristics such as those of nursing. In this regard, he explains, the actions of these professionals ‘are the result of a continuity of care Of people “involved by factors of different kinds” that is It is difficult to quantify it.

According to Ferro, there are “indirect indicators” that can determine the personal quality of a health professional, such as the people he sees in a day or even Research or projection teaching. Furthermore, she stresses that a “good nurse” must “make variable and effective managerial decisions” to resolve each case. Behind that is an invisible effort Not summarized in the data‘ he points to.

In this sense, he laments the “little custom” that exists in Spain when it comes to this Learn about good practices From professionals. ” But you must take into account Not just what was done but how it was doneit states.

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