Are you a dog or a cat? This says science about you

Are you a dog or a cat?  This says science about you

A group of psychologists analyzed more than 400 people who would prefer one of these pets. Come and find out the results.

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People around the world are divided between those they prefer the cats or to dog. This eternal discussion reached a group of Scientistswho conducted research that showed this People who prefer cats tend to be more intelligent Of those who prefer fangs.

The study was published by psychologists from University of Floridathe Carroll University and the Marquette Universityin United State. They gathered 418 college students and gave them a questionnaire about their personality traits. I know the other results.


dog and cat.

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Dogs or cats: how did the study end?

The report revealed that people who have favorite cats tend to be more creativeAnd independent And rebels. In addition, they scored higher on a test Logic And Intelligence In general, it has proven itself better in concepts such as Abstract thinking, self-sufficiency and openness.

On the other hand, people who love dogs were more likely to do so Outgoing personalities And warmand own raising awareness of having rules. In contrast, they tend to be humble people, pragmatic And obedientBeside flexibleAnd Expressive And directed to the group.

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