Knowing how to prioritize is essential so you don’t end up with anxiety

Knowing how to prioritize is essential so you don’t end up with anxiety

According to the most recent European Health Survey in Spain (EESE), the Chronic anxiety (5.8%) and depression (5.3%) Among the most common chronic diseases in the population, yet caring for emotional health remains a taboo for many people.

So much so, that 20% of respondents to his “2022 Emotional State Survey.” healthy They believe that even though they should not seek professional help to deal with emotional health issues, they should.

“the Psychological health It is an essential part of people’s integrative health and, therefore, we must pay the same attention. Managing emotions not only helps in coping with everyday life situations, but also helps prevent the development of serious mental and even physical diseases such as: skin disorders, digestive and intestinal problems, or changes in the functioning of the body. Maria ArrizabalagaPsychology at BluaU de Sanitas.

In addition to resorting to professional help if necessary, taking care of our health depends to a large extent on our individual habits. For this reason, Sanitas experts offer some tips for improving and maintaining emotional well-being:

What should I do

One of the main causes of anxiety and stress comes from being over shouldered by responsibility, be it work, personal, family, or a combination of all of them. The urge to take charge of everything can be physically and mentally exhausting. This is particularly common in women who live with unrealistic societal expectations. For this reason, it is important to prioritize, know what is important at all times, and delegate tasks to optimize time and avoid physical and emotional exhaustion.

2. Find a purpose

A hectic day can lead many people to automatically carry out routines, without thinking about whether the life they lead is really what they want. Humans tend to get along and stay in familiar environments, even though they can be harmful. It is necessary to rethink from time to time where we are, what our goals are and, above all, our purposes at all levels. By identifying and assessing our situation, we will be able to see if we need to change course to increase happiness, and therefore well-being,” explains Maria.

3. Developing social relations

Human beings are social beings, and as such, they need to live in a community. For this reason, the environment in which one lives has a direct impact on a person’s well-being, and caring for close relationships is key to maintaining and improving them. “Family and friends are fundamental to maintaining a good quality of life. It is for them that we shelter in good and bad situations, and it is mutual affection that makes us feel safe and protected. However, cultivating good social relationships is just as important as walking away from bad relationships, which is not always easy.” Get to know it.” Maintaining toxic relationships, whether personally or work, is also detrimental to mental health in the long run. It is the key to eliminating any negative relationship that is a source of stress or anxiety,” comments Maria.

4. Take time for yourself

Personal dedication is not always among people’s priorities, however, it is the foundation of well-being. Investing at least one hour a day in activities for personal enjoyment is not only beneficial, but also necessary on a mental level, it improves self-esteem and relationships with others.

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