Publicity wants to transfer Maradona’s heart to Qatar 2022

Publicity wants to transfer Maradona’s heart to Qatar 2022
  • Qatar 2022 will be the first World Cup without Maradona and possibly the last for Messi.
  • The publicist has chosen an idea that’s circulating in social networks and wants to put it into practice.
  • He has already spoken with organizations associated with organ donation and with Diego’s family.

A few weeks ago, the idea of ​​taking the late footballer Diego Maradona to Qatar 2022 started spreading on social media.

I suggested the initial initiative to bring the Argentine’s “heart” (and thus, in quotes) to the World Cup so that it would be something like Additional support for the team led by Lionel Messi.

So far, just a suggestion on social networks.

However, Javier Mentasti appeared, an Argentine publicist who is a fan of Maradona and has one goal: Make this idea a reality and be part of an awareness campaign for organ donation.

“It is possible that Messi’s last World Cup will be the first in which Maradona is not physically present,” Mintasti told Argentine media, so he thought “something had to be done”.

Mintasti said that while there is no clear vision T who – which “There are many proposals to analyze and see how the idea can be realized.”

Mintasti (42 years old) worked in various advertising agencies, and in 2020 he founded Bombay, which today, in addition to Argentina, has a presence in Mexico and the United States, where he lives.

“I am a huge fan of Maradona in many aspects, the idea came from imagining what he wanted. I think he would like to be present, give his strength, talk to the players. But he is not there.”

“So this idea came from, from an emotional place, we started talking to the creative team at the agency and The idea came to “take” her somehow to Qatar “, he added.

Diego Maradona in the first exercise in Culiacan. Photo: TW @ Dorados

Maradona’s heart to Qatar 2022?

Mintaste explains that it’s not the idea at all, “Bring a member in a vase of formalin to the World Cup”, But he added: “It is true that each one gave free rein to his imagination.”

“The idea is also to bring Diego’s soul to help, that is, to convey the essence of everything related to his life,” the publicist said.

“Then it occurred to us that we would be able to establish a relationship between the idea of ​​Maradona’s heart and the awareness of organ donation”, Note.

At present, there have been only a few contacts with the institutions and with Incucai, the single central national coordinating institute for resection and transplantation, the body that promotes, normalizes, coordinates and supervises organ, tissue, cell, and organ transplantation activities in Argentina.

They also spoke with Maradona’s family who “They are analyzing the case, it would be great if they were involved”, Propaganda said.

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