TikTok: A girl found out about her boyfriend cheating for small details in a photo on social networks | News from Mexico

US: Relationships aren’t always perfect, couples cheat often and then it’s no longer a good idea to continue with him or her.

This is the case of this girl who, through her account on TikTok, revealed how she realized that her boyfriend was cheating on her through a photo on social networks.

The young woman named Jeddah explained that when she was browsing her Instagram to see what was new on the network, she found a picture showing a woman’s breakfast, but she noticed a small detail that her partner’s finger appeared at that time. Image.

He decided to confront him and with evidence in his hand, he stressed himself and asked for clarifications, but it turned out that the young man denied everything and said that he knew nothing about the woman who uploaded the photo.

“When you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you because you got to know his breakfast order and his thumbs up on another girl’s Instagram post” The woman wrote.

Before this video, users on social networks liked how the story of the woman was and began to ask the young woman questions about her story.

Was the girl a mutual friend?User request. “She asked me not to involve her in public, so I’ll keep the deal because she’s going through the same thing you’re going through, she lied to both of us.” Grandmother replied. “But basically none of us knew about the other’s existence and we each got a different excuse when we confronted him after I found the pictures and texted him.”

Viral video already contains more than Million views and thousands of comments.

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