Tunden Kunno for assuming he was baptized in the same waters as John the Baptist Jesus: “He takes it as a game”

Kono has been criticized for his baptism in Jordan (IG papikunno)

Kono He is one of the most controversial Mexican influencers, as he has been dismissed on multiple occasions by social network users arrogant. But since the last appointments, the young man tried to redeem his image, and this time, Although he wanted to show that he is currently more committed to religion, he was heavily criticized by netizens.

It all happened in tik tok, Well, from his official account, Kono showed that it was part of a religious ritual in history Jordan River in Israel.

Thus they baptized me in the same waters in which John the Baptist was baptized to Jesus”, put the influencer in the video description.

In the short clip, which has reached over 4 million views, Kono in her nightgown can be seen entering the water.

Thus, between sentences like “Oh, I think it’s going to cost me more work.” And some screaming, the young man was drowned out by the religious minister who is currently in charge.

Although Kono’s intention of showing off this moment was good, the reactions from netizens were immediate and many considered it disrespectful. The way the Mexican performed the ceremony.

“take it as a toy”. “I feel like this is wrong, but everyone is.” It was that pure water was impure. “How easy is that in your opinion, andThese things should be taken seriously and respected.“There is my Lord baptized and everything so that the sin of 4K is passed away”, “Baptism is for forgiveness of sins and salvation and I think I only consider it for fun”, were some of the signs that appeared in the networks.

However, it was not all bad for the influencer, because other netizens who were followers of Christianity were more sympathetic to his situation and did not hesitate to congratulate him on his religious dedication.

“I see a beloved son of Jesus, being baptized in the same place he is.They pointed out that “Baptism means giving everything to God, repenting of our sins, it is a change, and you may have begun to draw closer to God…”.

Kono showed off his baptism on social networks (Photo: IG papikunno)
Kono showed off his baptism on social networks (Photo: IG papikunno)

Although Kono didn’t mention which one he is The religion that I believe inthe reference he made to his video regarding the Jordan River indicates that he could have adhered to it Some branches of Christianity.

In this sense, the significance of the Jordan River is known to those associated with this religion.

That is, yesYour name appears 165 times in the Old Testament of the Bible.And the And in its waters, the Jewish preacher John. Considered one of the prophets in the Qur’an, Jesus was baptized at the beginning of a new era for humanity.

Despite dimensions far from being giants like those of the Nile or the Amazon, other mythical rivers on the planet, Jordan is also at the center of the water system that feeds the territories of Israel and Syria, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories, where this element is critical to survival.

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