How does LaMDA work, the AI ​​system that has “gained awareness and feeling” according to a Google engineer

  • Alicia Hernandez por_puesto
  • BBC News World

image source, Getty Images


LaMDA is an artificial brain, hosted in the cloud, feeding on trillions of texts, and training itself.

A thinking and feeling machine.

This is how Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer, referred to LaMDA, Google’s artificial intelligence system. It spread quickly. We read it everywhere.

But, how ands This machine?

Referring to old science fiction movies, you can imagine LaMDA as a file The humanoid robot that opens its eyes, perceives and speaks. Or like HAL-9000, the super computer 2001 space flight And that in The Simpsons, as a parody, he has the voice of Pierce Brosnan, loves Marge and wants to kill Homer.

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