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The Costa Rican Foreign Ministry reported this Sunday (06.12.2022) that it “takes note” of the Nicaraguan government’s decree on allowing entry to foreign forces, including the Russian army.

In a brief press release, the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry noted that the neighboring country’s move “is related to a periodic mandate issued and repeated by Nicaragua.”

“We reaffirm the policy of peace, good international relations and lasting dialogue that Costa Rica promotes before its neighbors and the international community, including the multilateral organizations on the basis of which Costa Rica is founding its defense of national integrity and sovereignty, both on its territory and on its seas,” quotes the Bulletin.

Meanwhile, Costa Rican newspapers repeated statements by President Rodrigo Chavez expressing his “grave concern” about the presence of Russian troops in the neighboring country.

“Right now we have serious concerns with Nicaragua. There was news that Ortega called on the Russian army to send troops and equipment to Nicaragua. We haven’t had an army since 1949, imagine how concerned we are and for good reason,” Chavez said. ..

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega on Saturday asked the Sandinista-controlled National Assembly (parliament) to approve the entry into the country of troops, ships and aircraft of the Russian armed forces from July 1, the legislature said. This Saturday.

The Sandinista leader, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has asked parliament to approve the “urgent action” of his presidential decree so that it can be ratified as soon as possible.

Ortega allowed the entry of Russian troops into Nicaragua during the second half of this year to participate in “unlawful” operations in the Caribbean and Pacific Nicaragua, according to Presidential Decree No. 10-2022, published this week in the Official Gazette. .

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