puppy. There can be no sound economic and social policies without knowledge

puppy.  There can be no sound economic and social policies without knowledge

The dean UNAMEnrique Gray He emphasized that if the last two years of the epidemic showed anything, it is There can be no economic policies And the social solid without a science policy comprehensive and far-reaching.

He said that this scientific and technological policy will allow a future Sustainable development Which we should always achieve from a social approach and humans.”

In his message during the congress meeting of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic and Science, Technology and Innovation Committee subordinate Parliament , He stressed the readiness of this study house to collaborate in designing better public policies, thus promoting the all-important science, technology and innovation sector.

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“It is of course a sector that cares and matters greatly in the day-to-day work of institutions of higher education committed to the comprehensive development of our nation,” he said at the Senate House.

He recognized that we become aware of a world of available information that distracts and biases our thinking, leading us to make decisions and express opinions quickly, setting up polarization and disagreement.

“Science has its knowledge and its facts. Society has its wants and needs. Both sides must not only conflict, but must complement each other. They are streams of the same river, and must be directed toward a better future,” Grau said before Parliamentary Coordinators.

“And in this flow, no one has the ultimate truth. Only by listening to each other, joining efforts and understanding, can we find the best channel for Mexico. I have absolute confidence that this will be the case.”

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