TecSalud “health4life” offers a space for integrative medicine

TecSalud “health4life” offers a space for integrative medicine

TecSalud introduced “health4life” a space aimed at holistic health promotion of individuals and communities, Through knowledge, modern technology, services and support throughout the treatment period.

Guillermo Torre Amione, Dean of TecSalud and Vice President of Research at Tecnológico de Monterrey, explained that with this new space, TecSalud seeks to join forces for That residents have more and better options to raise their quality of life, as far as possible.

“At TecSalud for several years, we have been wondering how we can impact society by committing to beyond what we do in the hospital, through three main pillars: well-being, prevention and longevity. Today, by introducing this initiative, we are taking a decisive step in our history, as It will allow us to develop a longitudinal strategy to care for the community, to intervene in its well-being, to improve the quality of life to live better and longer, and to prevent disease,” added the Amioun Tower.

I have explained it in detail “Health for Life” envisions three lines of service that include the concepts of integrative medicine: the new generation of integrative diagnostics, which refers to bypassing common diagnoses; longitudinal programs to provide comprehensive and auxiliary support to people; One-time, recurring, on-demand services through treatments, programs, and workshops.

For her part, Tania Zertosch, Wellness and Prevention Director at TecSalud, pointed out this This model of integrative medicine seeks personal attentionpatient centric, multidisciplinary, but above all cares about patients to achieve empowerment.

“We will provide essential clinical products and services, in order to create a community that empowers itself and sets the standard for addressing chronic health from the roots,” Zertosch emphasized.

In addition, Sven Bose, General Manager of TecSalud Hospitals, stated that the purpose of this new initiative is to Promote a proactive healthy culture Realizing that health is a continuous and conscious movement.

“Health4life” is located on the fifth floor of Zambrano Hellion Hospital and includes four different types: first, clinical care with comprehensive alternatives; Comprehensive accompaniment where service protocols are based on creating extraordinary and unforgettable experiences; Providing knowledge for society to lead a healthy lifestyle and academic research and development activities with the support of Tec de Monterrey.

While introducing this new initiative, Mimi Guarneri, founder and president of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine in La Jolla, California, commented on the importance of functional medicine Through diet, lifestyle and mental health, And how it benefits people in their daily lives.

For example, Obesity is a global problem with many consequencesHowever, seeing this condition from the root is how a solution can be found.

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