Qatar 2022 | USMNT: The United States and its path to the CONCACAF Qualifiers


With the conclusion of the second round of CONCACAF qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, The Final appraiser Where three places will be awarded directly to the World Cup and a half to the playoffs, where Choose the United States.

Painting directed by Greg Berhalter She was one of the top five cadres in CONCACAF, according to the FIFA ranking, which was waiting for how the previous stage would be resolved, leading to progression to this example. Canada, savior s Panama.

who is next Thursday 2 September, at Cuscatlán Stadium in San Salvador, until Wednesday 30 March 2022At Ricardo Saprissa Stadium in San Juan de Tepas, the United States will have 14 days to strive to return to the World Cup, after their tumultuous absence at Russia 2018.

America’s road to Qatar 2022

As we have already said, on September 2, the USA team Your trip will start with a visit savior, on a triple date that month, which includes welcoming Canadians and visiting Honduras; Then in October we’ll have three more matches, with a match against Jamaica (Sweetened), Panama (Visit) and Costa Rica (Sweetened); then play classic In view of Mexico At home and visit Reggae Boys In November.

By 2022, the United States will have six major matches bound for Qatar, when in January he faced Salvadorans (local), Canadians (visiting), and catracos (Sweetened); And then, in March, there were duels before tripartite At the Azteca Stadium, gutters (local) and tekos (visits).

US outskirts heading to Qatar 2022

Date day match
1 Thursday 09/02/2021 El Salvador vs. United State
2 Sunday 05/09/2021 United State against. Canada
3 Wednesday 09/08/2021 Honduras vs. United State
4 Thursday 07/10/2021 United State against Jamaica
5 Sunday 10/10/2021 Panama vs. United State
6 Wednesday 10/13/2021 United State against. Costa Rica
7 November 2021 United States vs. Mexico
8 November 2021 Jamaica vs. United State
9 Thursday 27/01/2022 United State against. savior
10 Sunday 01/30/2022 Canada vs. United State
11 Wednesday 02/02/2022 United State against. Honduras
12 Thursday 03/24/2022 Mexico vs. United State
13 Sunday 03/27/2022 United State against. Panama
14 Wednesday 03/30/2020 Costa Rica Vs. United State

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