Rafael dos Anjos happy to see Conor McGregor try his own medicine with injury at UFC 264


Former Lightweight Champion UFCAnd the Rafael dos AnjosI was glad to see her Conor McGregor Try your medicine with your injury UFC 264.

McGregor broke his ankle and lost a TKO (medical stop) at the end of the first round to rival Dustin Poirier in Saturday’s pay-per-view card main event in Las Vegas. For Dos Anjos, seeing the Irishman break his ankle was karma for the way McGregor spoke about RDA when he broke his foot five years ago.

Remember, RDA and McGregor were supposed to fight at UFC 196 in March 2016, but the fight didn’t quite materialize due to RDA’s injury. Instead of Dos Anjos against McGregor, Nate Diaz stepped up at short notice, subjected McGregor to a naked choke, and the rest is history.

On his social media after UFC 264, Dos Anjos posted a photo of McGregor’s foot and hinted that the injury he sustained was in retaliation for the bad things he said about the RDA.

“When I broke my foot before our fight, this guy made fun of my injury… and kept doing it for years. Try your medicine and be humble.

Dos Anjos was actually the reserve fighter for the UFC 264 main event in case something happened to McGregor or Poirier at the last minute. . However, nothing happened to either and the RDA was not used for the event. Either way, there’s no doubt that the former champ still wants to get his hands on McGregor at some point for everything he’s said to him over the past five years. Perhaps this is the fight that has to be put up every time McGregor’s ankle recovers and is ready to head back into the octagon again.

The “bruised foot” is a reference to a fight between them at weight at UFC 264. Conor McGregor called on Rafael Dos Anjos to withdraw from his fight that was to be held at UFC 196.

Rafael dos Anjos had to withdraw from UFC 196 due to a foot injury. Conor McGregor continued to criticize the RDA for using an excuse to escape the fight with it.

Apparently, then, Rafael dos Anjos wasted no time in returning the favor, Making sure Conor McGregor tried his “medicine”

This comment is a reference to Conor McGregor expecting his fight at UFC 264. He predicted Dustin Poirier would come out on a stretcher after hitting. However, after being injured, it was Conor McGregor who had to pull a stretcher out of the sand.

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