ran over a reporter in the middle of a live broadcast; My whole life passed before my eyes.


A WSAZ-TV news network reporter was run over during a live broadcast.

Through social networking sites, the video circulated where the reporter appears, Tori Yorgi, performance press coverage, when a truck passes behind it.

Through the provided link Team Air He was reporting a pipe malfunction and in the moment he was going straight with the reporter, a truck passed behind her and crashed into her.

“I just got hit by a car, but I’m fine. You know, that’s what live TV is like. I’m glad I’m doing well,” the reporter managed to say while still on the air.

After the collision, the woman stood in front of the camera and was able to explain to the news anchor that she was fine.

“And my whole life went before my eyes, but this is live TV. I thought I was in a safe place, but obviously we might need to move the camera a bit. Let me do it,” he pointed out, already smiling.

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