Rancho Las Marías features themed cabins and a medicinal volcano

Rancho Las Marías features themed cabins and a medicinal volcano

In this version of Destino LN we show you a place where you will find peace and nature with unique views that you can share with your family, friends or partner. Finding the comfort of home, Rancho Las Marías, about 90 kilometers from Asuncion, seeks to concentrate a variety of attractions in one place, but from a place inspired by the beaches of Tulum in Mexico. It also has a history and magnetism, as the property was part of an extinct volcano millions of years ago.

The 17-hectare property, located in the Paraguarí province, can be accessed via the Paraguáre-Villarica road, from the city of Escobar, or by passing along the Paraguáre-Villarica road, from Chololo. Rancho Las Marías has camping space, five themed cabins, Pandora (with lighting) and Safari trails (1,500m mountainside), 500m stream, as well as recreational spaces and unique attractions.

Its soil is rich in minerals and its nine springs are the heart of the farm providing the entire water system, of which approximately 43 liters of water is produced naturally. For an intimate approach with nature, it has woodland sections and exclusively selected spots where you can also camp in campers, tents, trailers, cabins, or any other way to spend the night in the middle of vegetation.

Another attraction is the medicinal volcano which has countless properties for those who immerse themselves in it. Likewise, in the thematic cabins, they are a proposition to discover, since each one suggests a distinct style, generating an atmosphere different from other accommodations one has visited. Among them are Macondo, Cosmos, Botánica, Atlantica, and Sherwood, as well as Selvática Camping, with all its amenities and signature touches.

Named in this way the city described by the literature “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez, is considered a world masterpiece. It was built with a technique called super-adobe, in which the walls were lifted with sacks filled with medicinal mud from the farm on the grounds.

Indoors you will be able to realize its ability to passively regulate temperature. In addition to the works of the Colombian author, inside the place you can find different literature from previous civilizations that followed each other through humanity. The cabin has a heated pool.

It was created from a WWII shipping container. For two, you can admire the colossal starry sky at night with professional binoculars. Literature will also be available: “The Astronomers’ Bible”, authored by Heather Cooper. It has professional optical equipment (binoculars) for stargazing.

And to make your experience even more wonderful, they will recommend you to download the free “Night Sky” application on your cell phone, which works without the need for an internet connection. It will let you know which constellation or galaxy you are watching at the moment.

This option has a high percentage of stone. It is inspired by medieval constructions, more specifically in the legend of Robin Hood. The story states that Sherwood was the woods where the outlaw was hiding. Since the theme of the booth is focused on archery, it has bows and arrows and an exclusive hand-held shooting area. It also includes an equipped kitchen and a TV with built-in movies.

A comfortable cabin where you will rest and have fun with family or friends. It was designed like the legendary island written by the Greek philosopher Plato. In it will be literature, in which you will also have all possible accessories for fishing. Atlantida has a special strip as one of the clear spring tributaries continually descends. It also has a kitchen area and TV.

If you are a plant lover, you will enjoy the experience of being surrounded by plants, flowers, trees, and exotic species. The frame is made of concrete and sleeps up to four people with single box spring and sofa bed. Outside Botanica, you will have the experience of breathing in plenty of oxygen thanks to the arboretum complete with different types of plants. It is also equipped with a TV and a kitchen.

It is a strip specially chosen to be away from noise and in the middle of nature, where you can find places to pitch your tent. It has lighting, electricity, stove, bathrooms with shower, place to wash dishes, to enter the size of the forest, to watch the stars in their pristine state without haze or pollution and to access the entertainment quarters, and breakfast is included for all the people who camp.

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It is unique to Paraguay, surrounded by white clay or kaolin, a substance containing countless minerals, including silicon, which has properties for the skin and is widely recognized. Indeed, it cleanses the face, detoxifies it, removes blemishes and contributes to cell regeneration.

“It is one of the main attractions of the farm because of its transparent and turquoise waters. People stay for several days to enjoy the attraction. Its water comes directly from a spring,” explained Alejandro Avalos, owner of the farm. Admission is free for all visitors.

The farm’s springs contain a high percentage of silica. It helps balance bone mineralization, plays an important role in improving skin texture, and helps balance cell formation and metabolism.

The entire farm water network is connected to it, making it 100% drinkable with excellent flavor. This means that guests can drink spring water from any of the taps.

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It is a 250 meter long tour, which is unique in that you can admire the different local flora. Among them is Amambay imposing over 400 years old. You will feel the refreshing scent of jasmine water, and in turn, you will hear the sound of water hitting the rocks. It also has lights to explore at night.

Other activities include riding a majestic dressage pony that can be petted and cuddled in a private sunset viewing area, where you can also perform equine therapy.

Likewise, you can use the football, volleyball and basketball courts, the children’s park, a 25-meter zip line, exercise equipment, hammocks, and visit farm animals such as ducks, rabbits, geese, chickens, fish, and more. It has a 5-fire stove, volcanic stones, safaris, massages at Tantra SPA, archery and mini golf.

La Marías has a restaurant called “Lapacho” and a bar “Amambay”, which serves all meals during the stay. Rooms are cleaned, cabin equipment and amenities, and two-person cabin tent rentals are also available.

The farm is located geographically in the province of Paraguari, 90 kilometers from Asuncion. It can be reached via the Paraguari – Villarrica road. Also by way of Paraguari – Biribi. Those interested can call 281-0981702 for reservations and more information.

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