Rarity Pay, the number with the most fans in the world

Rarity Pay, the number with the most fans in the world
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March 14: 3/14 or 3/14 if we read it in English nomenclature. Saying “three fourteen” quickly paints a number reminiscent of high school in our minds.

Moreover, it is quite possible, when listening to it, to follow the letter: fifteen, ninety-two, sixty-five … as long as our memory reaches us to remember the numbers of the unique number Pi. The US Congress in 2009 officially announced that on this day, March 14, It will be day π.

It was a huge success from the start, and the idea grew until in 2019, UNESCO declared it World Mathematics Day. Since then, more and more people join the celebration every year, with π as the symbol for those of us who love math.

Pi is not really a number

Let’s start by clarifying something, Pi is the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet (π) and in mathematics we use it to represent something more interesting than a number (which I am not saying that numbers are not). So the first anomaly of Pi is that This is not a number. But then, if it’s not a number, then what is Pi?

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