Reactions to the Glasgow Climate Charter: optimism in the north, disappointment in the south


“All parties are happy with the decision,” the Saudi delegate said. Ayman Mohamed El Shazly, at the end of negotiations. Of course, the delegate of one of the world’s largest oil producers avoided journalists’ questions.

Dialogue is no longer valid: ‘It’s a matter of survival’

But nothing could be further from the truth: the so-called Glasgow Convention failed to solve a related problem like the case of Specific funding to mitigate losses and damages in the most vulnerable countries. The Climate Pact says only that rich countries commit to fulfilling a 2009 promise – which has yet to be fulfilled – to allocate $100,000 million annually from 2020 to 2025 so that countries with the least resources face climate change in terms of adaptation and mitigation.

Thus, the words of the Maldivian environment minister contradict those mentioned above: “For some, loss and damage may be the beginning of conversation and dialogue, but for us it is a matter of survival.” Shona Aminat This summit has been described as “another conversation in which We are putting our homes at riskWhile those with other options decide how quickly they want to act to save those who don’t.

NS Lee WhiteHead of the African negotiating team and the Minister of Environment of Gabon, his delegation got “60% of what we expected”.

Environmentalists at work: ‘A blank agreement anyone will sign’

From the activity, those who have already denounced Baluch Liberation Army (BLA) BLA From this type of conference, they reiterated the same idea once COP26 ended. “Even if leaders stick to the promises they made here in Glasgow, the destruction of communities like mine will not be prevented,” he says. Vanessa Nakate, Friday activist for the future of Uganda.

For organizations like Environmental scientists at work, the “weakness” of the adopted text is one of its main failures. He loses all the binding capacity which was required of this Agreement. There is no verb in the text that creates a legal link, i.e. the obligation of states to act, they are all calls, recommendations and requests,” his Glasgow spokesperson deepens. Irene Rubira.

This is a blank agreement that anyone will sign. He says we must fight the climate emergency, but he does not specify when or how this will be done or, above all, with what funding, Rubiera continues.

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