US leads travel and tourism revival; will grow 35.6%


The United States will record a growth in the travel and tourism sector of 35.6% during 2021, compared to the previous year; Largely outpacing this year’s global tourism rebound, which is expected to reach 30.7%, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC, for its English acronym).

According to the organization’s latest study, the outlook is more optimistic for 2022, and the US travel sector is expected to grow by another 28.4%, representing an increase of $425,000 million, with a contribution of nearly $2 trillion. for its overall economy, well beyond pre-pandemic levels.

“Opening US borders and easing restrictions on major markets of origin, such as the UK, will provide a huge boost to economies on both sides of the Atlantic. However, the sector’s long-term recovery in the US and around the world depends on that country’s borders staying open to international visitors and facilitating travel,” said Julia Simpson, president and CEO of World Trade Center Travel.

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In 2019, the travel and tourism sector’s contribution to the United States’ GDP was nearly $1.9 trillion (8.6 percent of the country’s economy).

However, during 2020, when the pandemic nearly paralyzed international travel, the contribution to this sector fell by 41%, to only $1.1 trillion (5.3% of the national economy).

According to the latest research by the World Travel Center, in collaboration with Oxford Economics, the US travel and tourism sector can expect an increase of $393 billion in 2021, generating a total contribution of nearly $1.5 trillion to GDP.

Notably, the country’s economy has benefited from increased domestic travel, which has caused spending to grow by 40.4% ($261 billion).

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Although international spending for US travelers will grow by only 1.9% this year due to prolonged travel restrictions throughout the year, recent changes to these restrictions will provide an increase of approximately 228% in 2022, representing growth of $98,000 million . Total contribution of 141,000 million dollars.

Also, after losing more than 5.5 million jobs in the US travel sector last year, employment will increase by 26.2% in 2021, which is an increase of 2.9 million jobs and a total contribution of nearly 14 million jobs, compared to the previous one. general.

By 2022, employment will increase by an additional 19.7 percent, which means an annual increase of 2.75 million jobs, and will raise the total jobs in the entire US travel and tourism sector above previous levels. An epidemic in 16.72 million jobs.

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