Rebels, Netflix’s new sci-fi game

Rebels, Netflix’s new sci-fi game

Netflix mobile games are very successful, and the list continues to grow. They are games that we can install on our mobile phone if we have an active subscription, and today the options are expanded with a new sci-fi title.

it’s about Archeology Hunters: The Rebelsa game born from the talent of Brazilian Rogue Snail, in which we have to use weapons (there are a total of 44) to advance in the game.

The game can be played on almost any phone, even older ones, so if you are able to stream Netflix on it, you will also be able to play Relic Hunters: Rebels.

The trailer, which was introduced a few weeks ago, shows something very old:

In the list of games, it already has FPS and League of Legends. Netflix has invested a lot in this topic, buying studios like Boss Fight Entertainment and Next Games and is preparing, as we told you recently, a mobile game based on the Exploding Kittens card game, a game that was born on kickstarter and has had an impressive international ramification.

You can access the game in the Games section of the bottom menu of the Netflix app.

The games are not made with the aim of making money, but rather to attract the subscriber’s attention, as an additional service, so there are no ads or mysterious payment plans within the game, just something fun to pass the time.

Although Netflix expects to lose about 2 million subscribers in these weeks, and is considering a cheaper plan with ads, as well as being stricter with joint accounts, it is still a leader in this field, and will remain so as long as it continues to offer additional options for those who pay They are already paid monthly.

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