Registration is open for the Bachelor of Water Science and Technology UAZ

Registration is open for the Bachelor of Water Science and Technology UAZ

With the aim of training specialists in water issues, as well as various problems such as its depletion; national, regional and state supply, sea level rise, and soil erosion; Hurricanes, avalanches and droughts, among others, the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ) offers the Bachelor’s Program in Water Science and Technology, which belongs to the Academic Unit of Light and Matter Science and Technology (LUMAT).

The above, commented the person in charge of the said degree, Hugo Enrique Jonez Ferreira. Bearing in mind that “Water is a priority issue at the national and international levels and in accordance with the 2016-2020 PDI of UAZ, where diversification of the educational offer is contemplated and the importance of high-quality undergraduate programs with a Bachelor of Science and Water Technology is geared towards comprehensive training of specialists in issues of vital fluid.

The academic project, which takes into account the guidelines of accrediting organizations (CACEI, CIEES, among others), is based on the global trend of the level of specialization at the university level, and also contains the elements required and envisaged in the UAZ Siglo XXI model with regard to relevance, mission, vision and integrating Educational units according to competencies and knowledge generation lines and their application.

For Júnez Ferreira, it is a newly created undergraduate program aligned with the state water plan of the Zacatecas 2030 vision, the proposal of the National Water Plan 2019-2024 and the state development plan of the state of Zacatecas 2017-2021; In addition, the proposed academic core has the quality indicators required by accreditation bodies.

Among the electives that students of this higher-level program can choose are: Eco-hydrology; design and construction of wells for collecting water; soil physics; operating hydraulic systems; climate change; geographic information systems; comprehensive management of hydrological basins; geostatistics and improvement of observation networks; Remote sensing devices and wastewater treatment plants.

Regarding the entry file, the university official indicated that applicants should show interest in solving engineering problems related to natural resources, especially water with the ability to analyze, structure and make decision; She knows how to deal with basic mathematics, physics and computing and has an open attitude towards learning and teamwork.

For more information, those interested can contact the phone number 492108 21 70 (WhatsApp),
Send an email to [email protected] or at the website:

It is worth noting that the facilities of the Academic Unit for Light and Material Science and Technology are located in Building E-8 of the UAZ Siglo XXI Campus. Next admission in August 2022 (registration is currently open at

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