Remedy to disinfect dried lettuce easily

Remedy to disinfect dried lettuce easily

If you will use Dried apricot lettuce In one of your dishes, you should Washed and disinfected Very well, because it is common that because of the way they are grown, these vegetables save a little Dirt or grime Between its leaves. At the same time, having a small presence Insects In this food it is very likely. So, this time, we will show you Homemade mix Wash and disinfect dried apricot lettuce well.

For this antiseptic They are effective and you can very well eliminate all Microorganisms What's inside you? Dried apricot lettuceYou must follow the method washed Specific, especially in this type of food that consists of layer upon layer. So, when you wash your lettuceYou will have to remove the leaves little by little to expose the inner part of the leaves and thus disinfect everything well.

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