Reopening US Borders to All Non-Essential Travelers: We Tell You What You Should Know If You’re Planning to Travel to the US | Navigation 34 Los Angeles KMEX


A full vaccination means you should have received two doses of the vaccine or one dose of Johnson & Johnson and have waited 14 days.

What will you need to provide if you travel to the United States?

“When boarding your home country, the airline will ask for your vaccination card and will ask for a negative COVID test, one day before you fly,” said Jaime Ruiz, a spokesman for US Customs and Border Control.

If you haven’t traveled to the US for several months, prepare to remove your mask for a few seconds to follow the new biometric facial recognition process that promises to reduce wait times. “When you arrive in Los Angeles internationally, you no longer have to show any paper, your face is your identity. With the photo we take in two seconds, we determine if it is your passport and what type of visa you are attending,” Ruiz added.

What documents will they require if you travel by land?

For the first time since March 2020, a foreign person will be able to re-enter the United States by land. “There is no requirement for a negative COVID test, that is, if we are going to pass through San Ysidro, the visitor must be prepared to present their vaccination card,” Ruiz said.

He added that customs agents will not be strict in asking for proof of full vaccination, so they may not ask for proof, but he always suggests being prepared with it.

What if you travel by land and have not yet been vaccinated for religious or medical reasons?

“Between now and January, there will be some exceptions for people who will be traveling to the United States and have not been vaccinated,” said Sandra Lopez, consul for political affairs and tourism promotion.

He also added that from January it will be mandatory whether or not all people traveling in an essential way are vaccinated. This will not apply to US citizens or legal residents.

What vaccines will be accepted into the United States?

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