“Republican austerity”: Dennis Dresser’s sarcastic comment on Gertz Manero’s luxury apartments

Political scientist Dennis Dresser reacted swiftly (Photo: Andrea Murcia/Quartoscuro)

Investigation Univision It was recently revealed that the Mexican Attorney General, Alejandro Gertz Manero has some luxury properties in the United States.

Among these properties, stands out a luxurious and magnificent apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York (in the eastern United States) located at 1 East, which Gertz would have acquired in 2012 for a value 2.4 million US dollars.

However, the political takeovers do not end there, since Gertz He acquired a property in hot Santa Monica that he bought for $1.1 million.

Given this information, the world of politics Dennis Dresser It did not take long to respond, and in simple but powerful words, he decided to attack not only Manero, but also referred to the government of President Andres Manuel López Obrador, who called himself the Fourth Transformation.

Example of “Republican Austerity”Mentioned from his Twitter account.

However, the response of netizens did not take long to appear, and some stated that such acquisitions could have been made during previous governments.

Tresser Geertz attacked Manero (Image: Twitter / @Paulguerra16)
Tresser Geertz attacked Manero (Image: Twitter / @Paulguerra16)

Assets acquired during the administration of the PAN and the UDLA department!! Why do you need this information??? Uh !! Because they are not looking for the truth but are distorting the current administration.” @DeniseDresserG Don’t you really know what Republican austerity is? Why do you insist on violating the “image” of the intelligent person that you have formed over the years? The political scientist she was, you’ll never use these concepts when you know they don’t apply, what a shame,” are some of the references accompanying the publication.

With regard to the investigation into the property of Gertz Manero, the information revealed by the American media from the hand of the journalist, Gerardo Reyes, indicates thatAmidst the trees of Central Park appears the grandiose section of art decoProsecutor’s property.

The skyscraper, the work of architect Rosario Candela, has spacious rooms, a gym, jacuzzi and parking.

Gertz Maniro Ownership question, pointed to Univision The luxury apartment is advertised In front of the Ministry of Public Service.

Interior design of an apartment in an Art Deco building located at 1 East, 66th Street where, according to Univisión, Gertz Manero acquired a property
The interior design of an apartment in an Art Deco building located at 1 East, 66th Street where, according to Univision, Gertz Manero acquired property

One of the grayer chapters in the attorney general’s public life is his position on the luxury real estate he has acquired. One of them, located in the Mexican capital, in the exclusive neighborhood of Las Lomas, was revealed by the weekly Processing. While another is in the French capital, Paris, it was shown by Mario Maldonado, columnist for a Mexican newspaper Globalism.

The first, information about which was published last September, is a fairly luxurious accommodation. Processing He details that he is guarded by agents of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), led by Gertz Manero. It is a property that was acquired by the University of the Americas at CDMX in 2012. The same property was to be purchased by the attorney general’s daughter, Alejandra Gertz.

According to campus laws, goods acquired can only have a social use. But, says Prociso, The aforementioned house in Las Lomas was only personally used. In addition, after turning it over to the attorney general, he did not include it in his most recent acknowledgment of assets, a statement he made in 2019.

File photo of the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero.  (Photo: EFE / Mario Guzmán)
File photo of the Attorney General of the Republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero. (Photo: EFE / Mario Guzmán)

Writer Mario Maldonado referred in his column to a property valued at more than two million euros, located on the emblematic Avenue Foch in Paris, France.

Maldonado points out You will deal with the payment by the University of Las Americas of an alleged loan made to the Alejandro Gertz Manero Foundation, Who, by the way, has been the head of this house of studies since 1995. Presumably he left this position in 2018, however, he still appears as the head of the university in your institution.

Information that the columnist has access to indicates that the property at No. 52 of Avenida Fuchs was purchased on December 14, 2012.

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