Request to cancel US visa for Mexican lawmakers to express support for Russia

Request to cancel US visa for Mexican lawmakers to express support for Russia

United States Congressman Vicente Gonzalez sent a letter to Secretary of State, Anthony J. Support Russia during these conflicting times.

He told US officials, “He had worrying news” because he knew that in the midst of the international crisis resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, some Mexican lawmakers “took” at the opportunity to express their support for Russia.

He stressed that the moment of formation of the “Mexican-Russian Friendship Committee” sends a clear message to the United States as well as to the free world. Of course, he made it clear that only these twenty-five deputies held these elections and that the government headed by the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, remains impartial.

“It is a shame that Mexico, our closest neighbor on the southern border, chose not to be united with the international community and instead shows no help to Ukraine, and does not impose any kind of sanctions on Russia.”

Because of the above, Gonzalez requested that the visas of these MPs be removed, in his words: this “unfortunate group”. He also requested that no government supporting Russia should have the “privilege” of entering the United States.

You can see in the following document the names of the 25 deputies appointed by the legislature of Mexican origin, which include the following:

Alberto Anaya Gutierrez, Gerardo Fernandez Noronha, Augusto Gómez Villanueva, Armando Castillo Contreras, Margarita Garcia Garcia, Nelly Maceda Carrera, Pedro Daniel Abasolo, Armando Reyes Ledesma, Alfredo Porras Dominguez, Meriamentalima Perezma Rodríguez Húríz, Errálz Manís Goulz Oscar Gonzalez Yanez, Francisco Javier Huacas, Reginaldo Sandoval, Santiago Gonzalez Soto, Angel Benjamin Robles, Maribel Martinez, Jose Marino, Jose Marbles.

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