Sustainable travel: the Mexican who crossed the US on an electric bike

Sustainable travel: the Mexican who crossed the US on an electric bike

“There was a strong wind and The storm was about to begin. A lady stopped her truck and told us, “I won’t leave you lying here, the hurricane is coming,” but We prefer to keep using the pedals to achieve our goal.”

Louis Forzan was before Goinga Category 4 hurricane that was one of the challenges I faced in A 5 months electric bike trip To raise awareness about sustainable mobility.

Louis, a graduate of Tec de Monterrey, with Ready Sushiwho got Guinness record For the longest e-bike ride in their home country of India, it covered more than 12 thousand kilometers With zero emissions into the atmosphere.

The Mexican did this as part of the project Sun Pedal Ridewhich seeks to raise awareness about the use of Renewable energylike sunlight.

short trip Started on August 14, 2021 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Expired January 19, 2022 in Houston, Texas.

Pedal for sustainable mobility

Despite adversity, like bad weather, Lewis had a very clear goal to show for it Renewable energy, like sunlight can affect mobility.

EXATEC flew aboard a Electric bike two 500 watt batteries; Meanwhile, Sushil in one with 2 of 300 watts, but with 2 Solar Panels To strive to compare the energy expenditures of both.

Sushil bikes boards with a capacity of 50 watts each; then, within 3 hours of traveling in the sun, one of their batteries charged up and we ended up with roughly the same charge.

“We realized it for Using electric bikes in the city It would be ideal to travel distances of 5-10 kilometers; even with Solar Panels They will never have to come into contact with the light“, commented.

Lewis bike is made of steel, weighs 40 kg, has luggage racks (about 30 kg) and It reached 30 kilometers per hour (km/h) on flat terrain and about 10 km/h on steep slopes.

“The engine Gives you some help, but Anyway you have to pedal And you feel the effort, for example, while climbing … It’s like riding an ordinary bicycle, but without the weight of the baggage “, It is to explain.

Louis Forzan, a lawyer who graduated from Tec de Monterrey, pedaled an electric bike with two 500-watt batteries.

Hurricanes, snow, dog attacks, ride challenges

When they started their journey, Luis and Suchelle never imagined that after two weeks they would deal with Tornado Goingwhile transiting Pennsylvania.

“(Because of the hurricane) we had to stay for two days in a hotel before we got to Pittsburgh. We arrived before the start Flood Alerts“, Forzan narrated.

This hurricane, which has caused damage, flooding and casualties on the east coast of the United States, will not be the only major challenge for cyclists, it will also be Withstand snowfall, mechanical failure, and even animal attacks.

Halfway through, it snowed in (state) Montana. One day we arrived at the hotel around ten o’clock at night, We pedal all day at minus 10 degreesWe even slipped on our bikes a few times.

In Oregon, I was attacked by a pitbull. he chased me for 15 minutes trying to throw up and bit me; I had to use pepper spray to stand it. You had to be prepared, not just for breakdowns or punctured tires, ” He remembers.

Despite the challenges, they have earned the support of brands and sponsors such as Oriden, Mitsubishi Power, Radissen Hotels and Octopus Energyamong others, who supported them at various stations to achieve their goal.

“Anyone can ride a bike (and maintain a healthy lifestyle), I haven’t ridden a single bike, and that’s what turned the United States upside down.”

One of the main challenges he faced during the tour was the Mexican in the weather.
Winds, rain, snowfall and animal attacks were forced to overwhelm the activists on their tour of the United States.

Find a sustainable hiking awareness

In 2008, Forzan came from his hometown of Chihuahua to Monterey to study Law degree In tech in that city where he lived for 10 years, Develop a taste for outdoor activities.

“I became very interested in activities like Hiking and climbingI think that was one of the catalysts for me to start doing something that has to do with sustainability.” to speak.

The 32-year-old EXATEC noted that when doing these activities he was enjoying nature, but also realized pollution problemsso that Cause health problems.

From the mountains I have climbed I could see the cream from the pollution, the stars could hardly be seen and the city air was heavy; I also started to have problems with irritated eyes and allergies.” Lewis narrated.

In 2017, he traveled as a tourist to Iceland, was a country that was already on the radar for its love of outdoor activities; There, his allergy problems also ended.

When I got to that country I fell in love with her 100% of the energy generated comes from renewable sources; This was one of the reasons why I chose to file a procedure Master’s degree in sustainable energy“, to speak.

The activists toured the United States for more than 5 months.
Louis Forzan (right) and Sushil Reddy have toured multiple US states on electric bikes for over 5 months.

Iceland: the preamble of the adventure

While doing his master’s degree in Iceland in 2018, Lewis got a call from a friend in Paris who met Suschel, who already had the project. Sun Pedal Ridewho was with him Guinness record two years ago.

The Indian activist is now planning to make Iceland Electric Bike Tour And you need a companion who knows the region and renewable energies.

“Sushiel invited me for the tour and I was interested in it It was a project about sustainability; It was not just an adventure, like climbing a mountain, but it had a hidden stream sustainable awareness“, to speak.

In the end, Louis and Suchelle They filmed for 2 weeks Around the island, it was a precursor to a more comprehensive trip around the US, which they had planned for 2020, but had to delay a year due to covid-19 pandemic.

Lewis regards that trip across the United States as One of the biggest projects of his life Until now.

“This trip helped me realize that I can do more things Previously Don `t give up. The project is not over yet, we want to continue to raise awareness in the communities about mobility.

‘Also to keep healthy lifestyle, with more physical activity. Anyone can ride a bike. I’ve never ridden one before, and that’s how I flipped the United States“, he added.

Lewis and Suchelle finished their tour in Houston, Texas.
Lewis (left) and Suchelle finished their trip on January 19, 2022 in Houston, Texas, after covering more than 12,000 kilometers.

environmentally friendly business man

Lewis realizes that studying in technology Since high school woke up by interest in pledge; He completed his career as a lawyer with a master’s degree in renewable energies, and in 2020 he and several friends founded his office. private business: Rima.

Your company focus on Finance offer companies to implement Renewable Energy ProjectsFor example, in the industrial sector with solar panel installations.

Despite the length of the trip, Lewis did not stop working on his professional project.

“There were days when we would shoot from sunset to sunset, but I took my computer to work at night or when we got to a hotel,” Forzan spoke.

EXATEC doesn’t know if it will ever take a trip of this magnitude again, although it does love the idea of ​​taking a similar trip in Mexico and sharing its message for the environment with more people.

“I think this point of view Know and change the world I got it from Tec, to make you this world picture. There is also a pledge and presence Projects outside the professional fieldas is this activity for Leave a mark on society“, Been completed.

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