They ask the United States to resume peace talks

They ask the United States to resume peace talks

History in discussion

April 5, 1972

Tragic gas explosion! One person was killed and 10 seriously injured from burns as a result of a massive gas explosion that occurred in the back of the Mercado Independence, when a gas hose connected to a tanker tank broke, causing the gas it was carrying to explode in the form of a torch that reached the aforementioned victims. The wounded, including an entire family, who passed innocently by the scene, were caught in the fire and taken to the Red Cross for immediate care.

Assault on the state congress. A mob of about 40 members of the student striking group stormed the state convention hall, vandalizing the plenary session at which the special committee reported on studies on the conflict and introduced the new organic bill. . At the end of the session, the attackers shouted obscenities, the building was stoned and mutilated, and the attackers fled to take cover in the central building of the drone.

They ask the United States to resume peace talks. Paris. North Vietnam and the Viet Cong demanded that the United States resume peace talks in Southeast Asia, but representatives of Washington and Sounion refused the request. And the communist missions announced that they had delivered memoranda to the North American delegation calling for the resumption of the sessions that the United States suspended on March 23 last, considering that the other party is not negotiating on firm and tangible grounds.

The representatives of North America and South Vietnam said that they replied that they did not find the Communist proposal acceptable and reaffirmed the position “presented by our side on March 23 with regard to future sessions”, that is, not to negotiate again until there is certain evidence that the Communists acted in a substantive manner. The Viet Cong stated that it “has always shown its goodwill in searching for a sound and peaceful solution to the Vietnamese problem.”

Pinata for Elsie Vallomir. In recent days, a beautiful children’s celebration was held for the beautiful Elsie Edith Falomir, as she happily reached another year of existence. The birthday girl is the daughter of Mr. Guillermo Falomir and his wife Elsie Ramírez de Falomir. Mrs. Vallomir attended all the little ones with thousands of details, those who went to congratulate Elsie, showing friendship turned into very cute little gifts and affectionate congratulations on her birthday.

April 5, 1997

They are trying to stop corruption. In order to eliminate the vices and, more than that, excessive corruption in the management of municipal budgets, the State Congress approved a new Treasury Accountability Act to conduct tax audits and physical supervision of the business being performed. Prior to this, the Glosa Committee and the entire legislature were legally, technically and legally unable to verify the accounting reports submitted by the municipalities.

They suggest imposing taxes on street vendors. Mexico, DF, PRD party introduced a bill to integrate the informal sector of the economy into the financial system and create a legal framework for the use of public roads, in order to prosecute this group of workers in the taxpayer registry. The initiative includes the enactment of the Federal Law on the Social Regulation of Informal Labor, as well as reforms in various provisions on this issue that allow to save those who work in the “underground” economy and make them more productive.

Emergency operation in Albania. Rome. The United Nations World Food Program has launched an emergency operation, as part of the first humanitarian aid to Albania since the beginning of the crisis, pending the arrival of the multinational force. This will help the dairy most affected by the food shortage caused by the crisis in the Balkan country. A special force will be formed to accompany emergency humanitarian aid arriving in Albania.

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