Today 50 years ago: Charlie Chaplin returns to the United States after an absence of 20 years

Today 50 years ago: Charlie Chaplin returns to the United States after an absence of 20 years

The original text was published by La Nación on April 4, 1972.

Charlie Chaplin, the creator of the eternal tramp who touched the hearts of millions, returned to the United States yesterday, after twenty years of absence. “I am very happy to be back in New York,” the representative said in a statement released by New York airport public relations officials.

Chaplin came to that city from Bermuda. The 82-year-old comedian was accompanied by his wife Una, and they did not stop to meet the hundreds of journalists and photographers waiting for him at the station.

The British-born actor walked slowly, comparing his gait to the acrobatic gait of the loose-fitting hobo, which he made more than fifty years ago. Chaplin walked slowly up the steps of the plane, holding both hands, and then went into a black car that took him to Manhattan.

As he walked he smiled and greeted the reporters and gave them kisses. His wife accompanies him with her hand on his shoulder. Among those who greeted comedian at the airport was David Rockefeller, head of the “Tribute to Charlie Chaplin” show, which will be presented tomorrow at Lincoln Center. Traveling with Chaplin was their son-in-law, Nicholas Cistovaris, husband of Josephine Chaplin.

In other news:

Firefight between police and car thieves

A man named Herrera entered Max Peralta Hospital in Cartago, was shot. Checked in late at night. At the hospital, they realize it was a strange case and discreetly summon the city’s investigative police.

Initially, the officers arrested three suspects. They took the wounded man to that hospital. It turns out that he, like his comrades, is a well-known criminal. They all came from San Jose and when Herrera was injured, they chose to take him to that city so as not to arouse suspicion.

Cartago investigators learned that the four suspects and others pursuing them had stolen a vehicle with government plates. Apparently, they were heading towards Alajuela to commit burglaries. A radio patrol unit, alerted in time, pursued them on the General Canas Highway. The thugs fired at the police and they returned fire.

Identification of fake Cuban passports

A man with the surname Elizondo is the prime suspect in the crime of passport forgery in which several Cubans entered Costa Rica from Europe, and later turned up in Miami.

Elizondo, who appears to be surrounded by several CID agents, has been a driver for a government minister for several years. He was accused by Cuban Simon, who was to be arrested on Sunday at Juan Santamaria Airport as he was preparing to board a plane that would take him to Miami.

It was learned yesterday that Elizondo has not yet been arrested. Apparently, the man hid and his whereabouts could not be found. Simon is still under arrest because in addition to being a partner in the scheme, he is a witness who will indict Elizondo.

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