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The Earth It does not rotate in a vertical position, its axis is always tilted 23.5 degrees with respect to the line of the Sun and the Earth, which is why half the year Northern Hemisphere leans towards it SolWhich means summer time in this region and winter to the south, while the other half of the year, when the tilt changes in the direction opposite to the sun, the roles are reversed.

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The times when this happens are known as coups They are important at points in Earth’s orbit where this tilt is most pronounced. These days are the longest (in the hemisphere the summer) and shorter (in the hemisphere winter) of the year.

Therefore, although the first of June in meteorology is considered the day when summer begins for the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere of the planet, June 21 is perhaps the most famous day, which is why the long tradition of different cultures to celebrate this event and follow the movement of the sun Which is something we owe, for example, to the construction of monuments such as Stonehenge.

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Solstice rituals

This event is also closely connected with the beginning of the harvest, fertility and abundance. For this reason, there are traditions around the world related to this topic. For example, in Sweden it is customary to eat herring, a lot of vodka and perform dances around a pole, which can be considered a phallic symbol.

While in Greece, where the celebration of Saint John’s Day came under the influence of Christianity, as in many European countries, they still celebrated an ancient ritual called Klidonas, in which single women evoke success in love.

There are those who take advantage of the opportunity to attract good wealth and positive energy by lighting candles or writing negative thoughts to burn them and leave them behind.

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