Rwanda refuses to accept more refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Rwandan President Paul Kagame On Monday, he announced that his country would no longer accept more refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congoits neighboring nation. The move was motivated, in the words of the Rwandan president, by his country’s inability to “bear the burden” of the refugees, and also as a response to accusations by the Congolese government that Kagame is associated with M23a paramilitary group that has been wreaking havoc in eastern DRC for years.

Kagame disposed of responsibility with a coolness typical of his person: “Whoever thinks that this problem is from Rwanda and not from the Congo, first get rid of the Congolese who are here. Those who pray every day because of the actions of their government and their institutions, and those who say that the government is not working as it should be, these are still not my problem. And if it is my problem, then it is also the problem of the international community, it is your problem as much as it is mine. . Thus, the number of Congolese refugees in Rwanda on January 9 stopped at a figure of about 72,000 people. They will not be able to continue entering.

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