Salvareza leaves the Ministry of Science and Technology: replaces him


President Alberto Fernandez accepted the resignation of Roberto Salvarez, who will not continue in the Ministry of Science and Technology. alternative

Roberto Salvarez He was the only minister who allowed the president Alberto Fernandez He accepted his resignation, and he will put it on his head The Ministry of Science and Technology a Daniel Filmus, real Secretary of the Malvinas Islands, Antarctica and the South Atlantic.

In recent weeks, Salvarezza has worried about the consequences of fake news, noting that some of it stems from “political intentions”, as an attempt to “undermine policies or governments”.

Daniel Filmus as the new Minister of Science and Technology

He asked to hear “the voice of scholars is what it deserves” and defended the work of the executive branch to create special task forces under the wing National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET).

Similarly, in an interview with the Spanish channel RT, he highlighted “the quality of development in terms of scientific research that Russia has.”

“Our goal is to have the Argentine coronavirus vaccine in the first or second stage for next year,” he said on several occasions, praising the scientific work of Argentina, a country that “has shown that it has all the capacity to make a complete vaccine production process.”

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