Samuel Garcia attends his third trip to the United States as elected governor


Monterey. – if Elected Governor of Nuevo Leon, Samuel García SepúlvedaToday, he announced that, starting Tuesday, he will be on a three-day tour of Texas, during which he will meet with that state’s Republican Governor, Greg Abbott.

Only on 25 June did García Sepúlveda make his first international trip as elected governor. He visited Laredo and spoke with that city’s mayor, Pete Sainz, and also took a tour of Howard Energy in the energy sector.

On June 28, he traveled to Washington and met with members of Congress, the Chamber of Commerce. Representatives of the Federal Energy Agency and with Mexican Ambassador Esteban Moctezuma.

On his third trip to the United States, Garcia Sepulveda said it would be a three-day tour in Austin, the capital of Texas, where he would meet with gobernador Greg Abbott“This is a historic opportunity for Nuevo Leon,” he added.

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Samuel Garcia said that this would be the first time that Greg Abbott had received an elected governor, “to me it was very clear why there was a historic opportunity to establish a relationship between Texas and Nuevo Leon”, because in the Monterrey metropolitan area they could settle supply chain companies leaving China, before Approval of the Chinesse Act.

That’s why, he added, the reason for what will be his third visit to the United States in 17 days is the full intent to have that game with Texas, so it’s already with T-MEC, with our Colombian. Customs With a potential leadership relationship between Nuevo Leon and the United States, a lot of foreign investment arrives in the capital’s municipalities.

On Monday, the governor-elect met with 14 elected mayors from the capital and suburban municipalities (six of them physically and eight people), in order to discuss business projects and urban coordination measures for the next six-year period.

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The agenda includes the construction of a suburban light rail, a project that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has approved since May 17, 2019, according to an agreement signed with Governor Jaime Rodriguez, but not yet implemented. , although he endorsed his support for the action on July 7, upon receiving García Sepúlveda at the National Palace.

The suburban light rail costs twelve billion pesos and will run from the municipality of Garcia to Mariano Escobedo International Airport in the municipality of Apodaca.

Likewise, during the meeting, the work of the Urban Coordination Table has begun, in which the mayors of 14 municipalities and the Governor will participate, and which will be chaired by José Antonio Torre Medina, Director of Citizen Urbanism in Tec de Monterrey.

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