San Antonio police confuse and injure a young motorist

San Antonio police confuse and injure a young motorist
San Antonio police confuse and injure a young motorist
They interrogate the police. The young man was shot and confused. Photo: San Antonio Police Department

excessive force or Police violations in United StateIt’s not new,. a policeman From Saint Anthonywho was also in trial periodit is in “eye of the storm“After I shot young car driver who ate one Burgerwhich he mistakenly thought was a case riota day ago.

What did the San Antonio police do?

The  Department, Departments From policeman From Saint Anthonyin United StateIt announced that the events took place last week; In addition, to provide more transparency to the issue, they have also published a file video What happened, where the agent was involved.

The events took place on Sunday October 2, 2022Around 10:30 at night there officialwho previously dealt with a case riot in fast food branchhe noticed a car in the parking lot that he believed had escaped while trying to stop him the night before.

“The car, which was not related to the nuisance call, was occupied by a 17-year-old driver and a passenger. The officer suddenly opened the driver’s door and ordered him to get out of the car. The officer reported that he was hit by the open door as the driver began to support the car. The officer then retreated and opened fire on the car, The driver continued to back away.

San Antonio Police Department

point out that policeman From Saint Anthony He fired several shots at the fleeing car and then ran after it, causing the young driver to suffer several times bullet traces. The passenger She was intact.

What is the location of power in the United States?

The president From policeman From Saint AnthonyAnd the William McManusdecided to act official in trial periodDuring this serious incident, management tactics, training and procedures were violated.

Now, the department’s imaging team will finish their investigation and send your data to Finance county county Pixarfor one Research does not depend on.

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