Saraya accuses Jim Cornett of his latest criticism

Saraya accuses Jim Cornett of his latest criticism

Saraya It has received a lot of criticism since then His first appearance in All Elite Wrestling by a section of the professional wrestling community. Some criticized his first promotion and others questioned his value as it was not clear if he would be able to wrestle again due to his injuries.

This week on The Jim Cornette Experience podcastJim Cornett, male recruiting companies He doubted whether the fighter would be able to compete in the ring again. Cornette noted that if that were the case, WWE would let the fighter move to a “tier two” company.

How is it possible that if she could be medically cleared, WWE didn’t privately medically discharge her while she was under contract with them and they were paying her?Jim Cornette commented on his podcast, “WWE might have said, ‘Well, they can’t be medically cleared by our standards, so maybe you should go somewhere where the standards are lower. “

Tired of hearing these criticisms, not only from Cornett but from other personalities in the fighting world like Eric Bischoff or Vince Russo, Saraya responded on social media, throwing a specific arrow at Jim Cornett and his comments on his official podcast.

“Leaves of dirt” An old man loves to hear his own voice, even if it is full of filth, talking about me. Welcome for the clicks and views,” Saraya wrote on Twitter, to which Jim Cornett responded, “Thanks for your welcome,” but the last clip where we talked about you didn’t beat the “fight” in Jerry Jarrett’s locker room with Dandy Jack Donovan in 1973, so try to be more interesting. Thanks”.

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