Today’s news October 11, 2022 you should know from 7:00 pm in a minute

Today’s news October 11, 2022 you should know from 7:00 pm in a minute

Check, in a minute, a file important news from today October 11, 2022 until 7:00 pm:

With 13 weeks after the end of the crisis, Lopez Gatell confirms that the epidemic is in respite

Hugo López Gatell, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic is on holiday in Mexico, where there have been 13 consecutive weeks with downward signs and there have been days without deaths from the disease being recorded.

IMSS holds meetings of specialist and general physicians in its hospitals in 15 states

The Mexican Social Security Institute launched two calls with more than 3,000 vacancies: one international for medical professionals and one local for general practitioners and nursing staff.

A fire caused “irreparable” damage to the moai statues on Easter Island in Chile; So stay

A fire on Easter Island caused “irreparable” damage by damaging 80 moais, the iconic stone sculptures that dot the entire Chilean island territory in the Pacific Ocean.

How are they identified? They alert the networks for the circulation of these counterfeit banknotes

Due to the circulation of fake bills, an alert has been activated for the public to avoid becoming a victim of the scam. They call for a security seal check.

ngela Aguilar will perform in Zócalo; The Great Day of the Dead Parade 2022 will conclude

Ángela Aguilar will give a free concert in Zócalo, the capital, as part of the conclusion of the Great Day of the Dead Parade 2022.

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