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Venus It is the second planet in the solar system and our neighbor. Saturn It is the sixth and second largest.

They are very far from each other, But next January 22nd, they will get even closer in their motion around the Sun and will be very “together”. Consider the distances. Moreover, it is said that they will dance the night away.

(How many planets, stars and galaxies?)

This is one of the first cosmic events of the year and according to NatGeo Latin America, it will be the two planets In a nocturnal dance through the heavenly vault. On their path around the Sun, from Earth’s point of view, both bodies will touch each other.

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The director adds that according to mythology, “Saturn is the god of time. In a panic, after his wife gave birth to all the Olympian gods, he decided to devour them one by one. However, Zeus, the god of lightning, forced his father to vomit his brothers. Venus, it seems, Goddess of love, you’ll be ignoring this unfortunate episode with her dad this weekend.

Already in the scientific part it was reported that this heavenly phenomenon can be seen in places with little light crowding.

Venus and Saturn will reach a conjunction that occurs when the two planets share the same correct ascendant (the angular distance used to locate celestial bodies in the night sky), ”adds the moderator.

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They will be very close There will only be one degree of separation between the twoNASA calculated. Now, it is possible that a cell phone camera is not enough to capture the moment. Conversely, if you want to do a day of astrophotography, you’ll need special lenses to get the best shots,” he concludes.

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