Scholarships for Scientists: L’Oréal Women in Science – Science – Life

Scholarships for Scientists: L’Oréal Women in Science – Science – Life

With the aim of promoting and appreciating the work of Colombian scientists who provide an example of how to break the constraints of career advancement for individuals within the “glass ceiling” organizations in our country, which enable women’s participation in science, L’Oréal Colombia, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Icetex Foundation and the Executive Secretariat of the National Committee for Cooperation with UNESCO announced About the opening of the call for the program For Women in Science Colombia, which this time will award 6 scholarships, each worth 40 million pesos.

The call is forwarded For Colombian women who are currently living in the country, pursuing a Ph.D. or doing a postdoctoral residency, and have completed their studies for at least one year. In addition, they should conduct an investigation into a public or private entity.

“The pandemic has reinforced pre-existing gender biases in scientific research (promotions, access to funding, etc.). Since 1998, L’Oréal-Unesco’s Women in Science program has enabled more women scientists to overcome barriers that prevent progress and participation in solving the great challenges of our time.” Alberto Mario Rincon, General Manager of L’Oréal Cerran, commented.

Scholars interested in participating will have until 5:00 PM (Columbia) on September 30 to apply. Through the platform

For the application to be effective, candidates must meet the following requirements:

To have good academic performance in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. You must demonstrate a cumulative overall average of 4.0 at the time of your application.

Hold a PhD or be an active PhD student, with at least one year in progress in the program at the time of application.

The participant must be associated with a public or private entity that is part of the National System for Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTeI).

About the Women in Science Program

L’Oréal and UNESCO created the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Program in 1998 with the aim of promoting the role of women in science worldwide.

Since then, the program has been launched on a global scale, with the support of national committees for cooperation with UNESCO, local scientific authorities and a target audience. The L’Oréal-UNESCO National Scholarship Program for Women in Science in Colombia started in 2009.

In studies with more than 3,600 program beneficiaries globally, it was concluded that 55% of women scientists have experienced a gender bias in recruitment, promotion, and funding processes, at least once throughout their careers.

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