Science and technology for food production development – Web de Noticias

Science and technology for food production development – Web de Noticias
  • Cordoba received 438 million pesos to strengthen the inter-institutional center for research and development of food products and processes.

Today, national authorities led the announcement of new scientific infrastructure works under the federal program “Building Science”.

In this framework, Córdoba has received funding from the Federal Program for Building Science in the amount of 438 million pesos that will be allocated to the Inter-institutional Cordoba Center for Research and Development in Food Products and Processes (CIIDPACOR).

The Said Center is the product of a detailed work by the Government of Córdoba, through the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Provincial Scientific and Technological System of universities, research centers, institutes, scientists and researchers for the purpose of acquiring state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure adaptation to enhance capabilities and develop strategic opportunities.

During the month of April, the corresponding signatures were completed for each of the affiliated institutions of the Center as required by the CITEs Program ( and submitted for approval by the enforcement authority, a fact announced at today’s event.


Dr. Pablo Ripota, a researcher in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at UNC and Conicet, highlighted the potential of CIIDPACOR: “This center is designed as a structure that integrates and demonstrates existing capabilities in the science and technology institutions of the province and the food production sector, developing synergies among its members to guide knowledge generation, human resource training and innovation development of products and processes in order to respond to the technological requirements of the productive social sector and the nutritional needs of the population.”

“Knowledge about products and processes is expected to develop, expand its experimental and pre-industrial scope, benefiting not only the participating enterprises but also the private sector, i.e. industries related to food production, as they will have the infrastructure, equipment and articulated institutional support for universities and R&D centers in the county.”

Regarding the characteristics of this center, Ribotta added: “It will make it possible to evaluate the knowledge produced in the associated scientific and technological institutions, and to generate opportunities for new products, processes and technologies. Another relevant aspect expected of CIIDPACOR standardization is the training of high-level human resources in the topics covered by the center. We believe it will be a reference institution at the regional level in First place, and then, we can be global contributors”.

“It will be very important for science and technology institutions as they plan to integrate pioneering technologies related to experimental and pre-industrial scale food production, which has been a longing for researchers and a demand from the private sector,” The researcher concluded.

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