Science and wine their union to communicate scientific rigor with the effects of moderate wine consumption

Science and wine their union to communicate scientific rigor with the effects of moderate wine consumption

The Spanish Professional Wine Organization (OIVE) and the Foundation for Research on Wine and Nutrition (FIVIN) have renewed the cooperation agreement to promote scientific research related to the health benefits of moderate consumption of wine, as well as its dissemination and communication to society.

The heads of the two entities, Ramon Estroch and Angel Villafranca, respectively, signed this agreement which means continuing to advance work related to wine and health, as well as ensuring the issuance of transparent and honest information from the wine sector. Supported by scientific evidence.

Within the agreement between the two organizations, there is a defense of accurate and scientifically based communication of the potential health effects of wine on healthy adults. To this end, among other activities, a training program has been developed in hospitality schools throughout Spain, bearing in mind that their students will be specialists in wine service in the future.

In this training programme, information is provided on moderation as the only way to consume wine, on the initiatives of the sector itself to promote said consumption (wine in moderation and the Wine Trade Communications Act) and of course about the dangers of abuse of consumption.

For sector agents, a communication protocol was designed with recommendations on the processing and dissemination of content in this regard, which were disseminated through webinars between operators, journalists and regulatory boards.

On the other hand, in 2021, the platform was renewed, a place of reference of great scientific and social importance. The portal contains one of the best foundations of scientific studies in Spain and its Scientific Committee periodically publishes news reviews or studies on the effects of wine consumption on health.

Through all these actions, the Professional Organization for Wine in Spain (OIVE) and the Foundation for Research on Wine and Nutrition (FIVIN) seek to disseminate scientific evidence and accurate information, in the face of the wide spread of contradictory messages about the health effects of moderate wine consumption on health.

This year, as a new one, FIVIN will offer, under the agreement with the Interprofessional of Wine of Spain, a Research Grants Programme, which is key to continuing to advance in this mission of defending the legitimacy of wine as part of our business. A Mediterranean diet compatible with a healthy lifestyle, taken in moderation

The Wine and Nutrition Research Foundation’s role is fundamental in research, development, and publication in the field of nutrition and health. It should be noted that the European Regulation on Food Advertising (1) states that operators are prohibited from making health claims on beverages with a graduation greater than 1.2% by volume of alcohol. Therefore, only organizations such as scientific entities, in this case FIVIN, are authorized to publish health-related studies.

In this regard, its Scientific Committee notes that although several studies have demonstrated the health benefits of moderate wine consumption, most researchers caution that this is not a sufficient reason for non-drinkers to begin doing so for health reasons. Any study on wine and health is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

(1) Article 4.3 of Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006, relating to nutrition and health claims on foods

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