Science in Bolivar: Bolivar, winner of the 10th National Meeting “Science and Lands” 2021 | Cartagena


“We trusted our project and our desire to help our community. Being a finalist gives us more motivation to keep going and make science a tool for building a better countryHappy Dylan Hernandez, hugging his teammate and mentor. His project, which seeks to purify sewage from the Saliter Canal, It was one of the 15 winning science projects at the 10th National Meeting ‘Science and Territory’ 2021 in Ondas.

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The results were announced in Barranquilla, after 26 juries evaluated 43 scientific projects, including Bolivar, submitted by more than 90 children and adolescents from 12 departments and the metropolitan region. For three days, it was the focus of science and a stage for participants to present their research, which aims to find solutions to needs or problems in their communities and territories.

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Selected projects

From the line of research: natural sciences:

1. Antioquia: Out of context group, with its project “Generation of knowledge of animal and plant species in the municipality of Santo Domingo, Antioquia”.

2. Bolivar: Guardianes del Arroyo Group, for its project “Designing an industrial micro-wetland that allows for reduced levels of water pollution”.

3. Huila: Cafelab Group, for its research project “The use of coffee by-products and their valuable contribution to the productive chains of the villages of San Francisco, Holland and Santa Ines in the municipality of Petalito Huila”.

4. Tomako: Liceístas Exploradores del Ambiente group, for their research project “If we do conservation, we do not pollute the mangroves”.

5. Cundinamarca: Grupo Guardianes del Teusaca 2.0, for its research project “Study of water quality in the upper basin of the Teusaca River”.

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