Science Week kicks off Monday at Gandia ONC Campus

Science Week kicks off Monday at Gandia ONC Campus

Miguel Perez | November 07 2022

From November 7 to 11, Science Week will be held at the Gandia Campus of the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. Exhibitions and round tables were organized around Alexander von Humboldt for the occasion. In addition to workshops to develop environmental awareness among primary school students

Within the framework of Science Week, the Gandia Campus of the Universidade Politècnica de València (UPV) once again organizes various activities with the aim of promoting curiosity, creativity and commitment to science among society, especially among younger students.

For this purpose, and in conjunction with the exhibition “Alexander von Humboldt: In Nature everything is connected”, a round table will be held on the personality of the German naturalist. In this session, which will take place on Monday, 7 November, the curator, Margarita Belenchon, and CSIC’s institutional delegate to the Valencia community, Juan Foster, will participate. Also, expert researcher in environmental sciences, Virginia Garofano and Javier Pastor, deputy director of culture at Campus Gandia.

Roundtable relating to the exhibition “Alexander von Humboldt: In Nature Everything Connects”, Monday, 7 November, 10:30 am, in Conference Rooms 1 and 4 of the Gandia Campus.

Exhibition on Alexander von Humboldt
It should be remembered that the exhibition “Alexander von Humboldt: In Nature Everything Connects”, open to the public until 11 November in the Multiple Use Room of the Campus Gandia-CRAI Library, consists of historical objects and illustrative panels on the personality of the researcher and his contributions to the science of the times.

The exhibition consists of four parts in which the researcher’s stay in Spain, prior to his historical journey of scientific exploration to America in 1779, collected. Humboldt conducted extensive scientific research into the nature of geography, geology and climatology, and tested innovative measuring instruments. It also provided data of great importance in the fields of biology, geology, botany and mining.

Humboldt and Cavanel
In addition to this exhibition, the Campus Gandia-CRAI Library has collected bibliographic material, on both Humboldt and the Valencian botanist Antonio José Cavanellis. The selection of materials is available in electronic and paper format, and can be visited in the lobby of the Gandia Campus Library building.

On the other hand, on the Campus Gandia-CRAI Library blog (, you can consult a selection of scholarly articles about these two worlds – Humboldt and Cavanellis – and recommended web resources and links to their original digital works.

Environmental Awareness Workshops
As in other editions of Science Week, workshops targeting primary school students will be offered. These workshops, led by Professor Victor Garcia and taught by students of the Environmental Science degree taught at the Gandia Campus, are “aimed at promoting the development of environmental awareness through scientific experimentation.”

The workshops to be offered during Science Week at Gandia Campus are listed below:

Save our beaches
Through this activity, students will learn about the different types of waste that can be found on beaches and in seawater. Through interactive games, you will be able to see how garbage affects the ecosystem.

Let’s reduce our waste
In this workshop, students will learn by playing how the waste we produce affects the environment and different actions will be suggested to reduce its quantity.

Everyone with this planet
In a fun and interactive way, different topics related to environmental problems will be touched upon.

Where does what you eat come from?
In this workshop, they will delve into the importance of making good use of the earth’s resources, since many of them are finite, plus the way we use them will indicate the possibility that boys and girls in the future too can have them.

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