Opening of the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Area of ​​the Family Medicine Unit No. 61 of IMSS Yucatan – Yucatan now

Opening of the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Area of ​​the Family Medicine Unit No. 61 of IMSS Yucatan – Yucatan now
  • It is the first unit in the state that will have this type of service, to treat ailments of the spine, arms, legs and hips as well as facial treatments.
  • They provide care for the first patient with facial paralysis.

As part of the promotion of specialized and quality care for entitlements, the Family Medicine Unit (UMF) No. 61 “Los Héroes de la Salud”, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Yucatan, launched the field of rehabilitation and care. Physiotherapy, which translates to the state’s first UMF that will provide this type of service.
This area offers a personalized service to patients drawn from the IMSS Level I units in Yucatan. The center is staffed by two rehabilitation professionals, four physical therapists, two occupational therapists, two general nurses, and two office assistants, with working hours from 7:00 to 20:00, Monday through Friday.
The opening ceremony was presided over by the President of the International Institute of Health Care in Yucatan, Dr. Miriam Victoria Sanchez Castro, who noted: “We have a very well-equipped team of physical medicine and rehabilitation professionals, therapists, nursing staff, paramedics and other personnel who are extremely The importance of providing care with quality and warmth to entitlement.”

On the other hand, Sanchez Castro called on users to get closer to the services offered by the UMF, and to watch the improvements that are being made day by day in the institution, always for the benefit of the beneficiaries:
“We hope you have a very good experience in the unit that was designed for you.”
As part of the opening, Mrs. Sidi Chan Tipal was the first patient treated by a team of specialists, who gave her a quick habilitation to treat her facial paralysis, thus providing timely treatment. For her part, the beneficiary stated that she was confident in the guidance and professionalism of the doctors, in addition to her thanks for the good treatment and service of the entire medical team.

Director of UMF No. 61, Dr. Vladimiro Rodriguez Pincos, noted that this space has the following areas: spinal traction, mechanical therapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, compresses and paraffin. In addition to laser equipment, ultrasound, electrical stimuli, hot and cold compresses, as well as other infrastructure designed to provide specialized and timely care that will minimize the consequences for recipients.
The director also explained that the rehabilitation and physiotherapy area provides care and follow-up for diseases of the spine, arms, legs and hips, as well as facial treatments as in the case of facial paralysis.
It is very important to note that in addition to performing rehabilitation and physiotherapy, the specialists will also teach patients different techniques so that they can perform the treatments at home, allowing them to continue and monitor the process they are doing in the entire unit. With the aim of making their recovery more effective thanks to coordinated action.

The ceremony was also attended by the Head of the Medical Services Headquarters, Dr. Alonso Sansoris Rio. Head of the headquarters, Mr. Giovanni Medina Rocca, from the administrative services as well as the authorities and personnel attached to the unit.

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