Scientists from a large Russian research center have created a giant quantum cyclone

Scientists from a large Russian research center have created a giant quantum cyclone


Jun 19 2021 00:11 GMT

This may open new possibilities for analog simulation of gravity or black hole dynamics at the microscopic level.

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) in Russia, Communicates that a team of its scientists, in collaboration with researchers from three British universities, has created a stable giant vortex in the interaction of polariton condensate, thus solving a well-known problem in quantum hydrodynamics.

In hydrodynamics, a vortex is a region of space where a The fluid revolves around a point Or a similar streak of eddies that can be seen in the drain. Vortex also exists in the quantum world: the a . flow quantum liquid You can create a region where the particles are constantly rotating around a certain point.

In this research, its authors studied Vortex generated by polariton– Unusual hybrid quantum particles that are half light (photon) and half matter (electrons), and under certain conditions form a quantum fluid. The researchers were looking for a way to create vortices with large angular momentum in polariton fluids, that is, to make them spin rapidly. These vortices, also known as giant swirls, is very difficult to form because it tends to penetrate many smaller vortices with low angular moments.

“white hole”

The creation of stable giant vortices demonstrates this Unbalanced Quantum Systems, in particular polariton capacitors, are not always subject to the severe limitations of their thermodynamic counterpart, such as cold corn capacitors From Bose Einstein, scientists note.

Achieving quantum fluid vortex control could open up new possibilities about Analog simulation of gravity Or the dynamics of black holes at the microscopic level. In addition, the polariton capacitor constantly emits photons that carry all the information about the properties of the vortex, which can be important for the Optical Storage Systemsdata transmission and processing.

This result clearly shows that polaritons can besandbox“Very good at studying complex natural phenomena. We were able to show a system that has a lot in common with Radiant black hole “Or, if you prefer, a white hole,” said Pavlos Lagodakis, a professor at Skoltech.

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