We are fried! NASA warns of global warming – El Financiero


A recent scientific study revealed that the planet has been experiencing a rise in temperature for 15 years, due to the excess energy it absorbs and releases. Satellite and ocean data reveal a noticeable increase in the rate of Earth’s heatingProduced by NASA and published in Geophysical Research Letters.

The study demonstrates that the Earth’s energy imbalance (ISS) is determined by internal changes in the climate system.

In observations made by NASA, it is clear from satellite images that there has been an increase in energy imbalances on Earth, from mid-2005 to 2019.

Most of this excess energy, which is about 90 percent, heats the ocean, land, and atmosphere; It melts snow and ice.

This trend is mainly due to an increase in absorbed solar radiation, associated with a decrease in the reflectivity of clouds and sea ice.

How does all this happen?

Climate is determined by the amount of solar energy absorbed by the earth And the amount of this that our planet emits through the emission of thermal infrared radiation. Their sum determines whether the Earth is warming or cooling.

Continuous increases in greenhouse gas concentrations If mixed well in the atmosphere, it results in a net energy gain and Then warming occurs on the ground.

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